Michael Reed Freelance Writer

My name is Michael Reed and I’m a UK-based freelance writer. I specialize in writing about technology, geek culture and gender politics for print and web media. I have some experience with programming and I’ve spent a lot of 2020 updating my skills (Unity/C#, Java, JavaScript etc). My YouTube programming videos.

Look around the site for more information about me. My contact details are email: mike@unmusic.co.uk or phone: 07910059908.

Publications that I have worked for

This isn’t an exhaustive list, but it covers the main ones.

RetroGamer (Features for print magazine. Editor: Darren Jones)

Linux User and Developer (Tutorials, features, reviews for print magazine. Editor: Russell Barnes)

MicroMart (Features, reviews for print magazine. Editor: Simon Brew)

Den of Geek (Features and list based articles for website. Some of them listed here. editor: Simon Brew)

Linux Journal (More than 80 paid features, reviews, tutorials for website. My author page.)

OS News (Features.)

Imagine Bookazines  (Multiple contributions to the Raspberry Pi bookazine)

Free Software Magazine (Editor Tony Mobily)

Open Democracy

Linux.com (Paid features on the old version of the site)

A Voice For Men (Features. Editor: Paul ElamMy author page.)

Self Publishing Review

Men’s News Daily

The Sexual Compass

I wrote a short novel called The Sexual Compass. You can find our more about it and see some reviews on its Goodreads page. The book also has a Facebook page. If you’ve read the book and you enjoyed it, please, please, please post a short review somewhere or give it a rating.

Other interests

I can play the guitar and I’m into MIDI sequencing. My current DAW of choice is Tracktion Waveform running on Linux. My YouTube music channel. I also get up to some other stuff like photography, cycling and running and going out at night and dancing like an idiot.