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The Sexual Compass: Cover Redesign

tsc_cover_v7I’ve given The Sexual Compass a cover redesign for the spring.beach_montage

The book received a nice review on Mrs Giggles, a review blog. 4/5 Oogies – can’t complain about that.

“John’s story isn’t as much about gender as it is about the desperation borne of loneliness in someone who just happens to be really bad at interacting with other people. His story can be darkly comedic and heartbreaking at the same time, especially since the author gives John a strong narrative voice that makes me feel like I can relate to his every frustration and resentment.”

This goes along with the reviews on Goodreads and the ones on Amazon. If you’ve read the book, feel free to put a review or a rating up on either of those sites, it really helps me if you can.

Goodreads Page
UK Amazon Page
US Amazon Page

Book release: The Sexual Compass

The book is now available. It’s a self-published short novel that touches on some sexuality and gender issues that I’m interested in. In the story, a discovery is made that sexual orientation is determined by chemicals in the body, and a few people start playing around with it. I’m rolling out the promotion side of things bit by bit. When I have more feedback and reviews, I’ll give the book a dedicated page on the site.
Amazon UK link
Amazon US link
CreateSpace link
Goodreads page
YouTube review

edit: 28 March 2015 Facebook page
edit: 08 April 2015 Check the Amazon pages and Goodreads for reviews. Also, review posted on Hot Sauce Reviews. Thanks for all kind feedback privately and on the review sites. It really makes writing the thing worthwhile!

If you are a reviewer and you would like a free copy of the book, just let me know. So far, I’ve been giving out copies left, right and centre! Hopefully, this will result in some reviews and some feedback. If a copy of the book suddenly turned up at your house, courtesy of Amazon, it probably means that I thought you’d like it.

From the back of the book:

“Careful, John. Suddenly laughing in Tesco is breaking the rules…”

“The story was that some scientists in Edinburgh had carried out experiments on mice. When the scientists gave a large dose of insulin to the mice in their food, a number of the mice began to engage in same-sex sexual activity.”

“I might be giving out some gay vibes now, but until recently, I was a sexually interested heterosexual man…”

Gay to straight or straight to gay? Would you change your sexual orientation if you could? How does sexuality and sexual orientation actually work?

These are the questions facing a group of young people living in the North of England. Along the way, they confront issues of sexual role, family breakdown, social isolation and what’s going on in John’s fridge – you name it.

Genre: social issues/science fiction

138 pages. Self-published short novel. The book was published at the beginning of 2015.

From the eBay page:

I’ve put this in the General Fiction category, and I prefer to label it speculative fiction rather than science fiction as it concentrates on relationships and characters in an urban setting.

Although I’ve touched on concepts such as gender roles and sexuality, I’ve tried to make it a quick read. It’s only 33,000 words or so, and most people are finding that they can go through it in a weekend or during the spare moments in a week.

New book and other writing updates

LUADHaven’t posted for a quite a while. I need to update the site itself with a new theme when I have time. I’ve moved house and changed towns, and I’m gradually making a new life for myself here. Work-wise, I’ve been doing the usual stuff for the past year or more.

Month in, month out, I’ve been contributing to Linux User and Developer, a British computer magazine. They have serialised the last feature I did for the mag and put it on the website for free (part 1 and part 2). All in all, I must have done about 40 articles for that magazine, ranging from single page reviews up to 8 page features. I enjoyed my time with them, but I’m taking a break from that at the moment. I look forward to working with the editor, Russell Barnes, again in the future, and I may even return to the mag, one day.


The other big writing news from me at the moment is the novella (short novel) I’ve been working on called The Sexual Compass.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA At time of writing, I have finished the first draft. I was determined not to let the project drag on and on, so I took some time off and worked on it for 21 days, producing 32,000 words. It is written in the first person with one head jump at the half way point. The premise is that a discovery is made by some scientists that sexual orientation is controlled by chemicals in the body. Most of the story focusses on a guy who takes some chemicals and goes from being straight to being gay. Sexuality is the main focus of the story, but as you can imagine, as it’s me, issues of gender make their way into it too. I’ve been working on some other writing while I let the first draft sit for a while, but later this week, I’ll get back to it for the rewrite and edit. I’ll probably be self publishing it, and I hope to have it finished in the next month or two, paid work and life permitting.


UK Feminists: Let’s Keep Women out of Prison - Mozilla Firefox_030

I need to get some more stuff onto A Voice For Men, the top (IMHO) men’s rights site on the Internet. The last two things I did for them were back in 2013, but I may have forgotten to mention them on the site. One is about a government backed scheme that would see women being spared prison. The other was a look at the gender politics of breast fetishism. Obviously, I’m still working on the gender politics book. It’ll be finished one day!

Den of Geek is a great website, but I’ve only got one thing onto that site recently. It’s a James Bond article about some of the turning points of the franchise. Funnily enough, Simon Brew used to be the editor of Micro Mart the first print publication I ever worked for. I badly need to get something else onto Den of Geek sometime soon, and I’ve got a few ideas stored up. My older articles for that site where Top 10 Screen Computer Geeks and a retrospective of The Postman (1997) (that even got a mention by the author of the source novel on Facebook).

Somewhere in there, I managed to fit in ten or so pages for an Imagine Publishing bookazine called Raspberry Pi For Beginners, which you can find in WH Smiths. I even built some hardware for it (sort of). I’ve been doing a bit of Java programming of late, just to refresh my skills. Perhaps you’ll see something from me on the Android platform in the future? I’m trying to improve my photography, so go to my Flikr page (see sidebar) and see what you think.
Big turning points in the James Bond movie franchise | Den of Geek - Mozilla Firefox_031OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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