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Geek sitcom script complete

January 22nd, 2008 5 comments

The pilot episode of my sitcom project, The University Of Life has finally been submitted. People who’ve been following the project will know that I’ve been working on it, on and off, since 2005. Since then it’s been through a number of revisions. At one point I was going to attempt to produce it myself, podcast style.

I have sent it to the BBC Writers Room, and apparently, I can expect to get a confirmation of receipt within a month. Beyond that, if my script is one of the better of the 10,000 (really) other scripts that they receive each year, I may get some commentary back from an experienced script reader. Bear in mind that I’m not hoping for them to develop that particular script idea but I am sending it for criticism and as a calling card for my writing style.

Depending on the type of feedback I receive, I’ll make a decision about whether I should rewrite the script or start a completely new script later this year.

Crisis, really

February 6th, 2006 No comments

Erk. It would seem that I may have been pipped to the post in my dream to create the first IT orientated sit-com. I haven’t seen a copy of The IT Crowd yet so, I don’t know how bad this is. If TIC is really similar to my own thingy, I may have to abandon the project entirely.

I’ll see what audience reaction to TIC is like and maybe try to get hold a copy before deciding whether to proceed with TUOL. The plan had been to rewrite the pilot to create a second draft. Amongst other changes in the second draft, I planned to make the script more plot orientated. I also came up with the brilliant idea of adding a female character to the main cast; you can perhaps picture me sighing when I saw the pictures and read the first accounts of TIC :-/

Serves me right for thinking ‘ah well, you’re 30 now (on 31 of Jan) what else can go wrong this week?’

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