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The Sexual Compass: Cover Redesign

tsc_cover_v7I’ve given The Sexual Compass a cover redesign for the spring.beach_montage

The book received a nice review on Mrs Giggles, a review blog. 4/5 Oogies – can’t complain about that.

“John’s story isn’t as much about gender as it is about the desperation borne of loneliness in someone who just happens to be really bad at interacting with other people. His story can be darkly comedic and heartbreaking at the same time, especially since the author gives John a strong narrative voice that makes me feel like I can relate to his every frustration and resentment.”

This goes along with the reviews on Goodreads and the ones on Amazon. If you’ve read the book, feel free to put a review or a rating up on either of those sites, it really helps me if you can.

Goodreads Page
UK Amazon Page
US Amazon Page

Book release: The Sexual Compass

The book is now available. It’s a self-published short novel that touches on some sexuality and gender issues that I’m interested in. In the story, a discovery is made that sexual orientation is determined by chemicals in the body, and a few people start playing around with it. I’m rolling out the promotion side of things bit by bit. When I have more feedback and reviews, I’ll give the book a dedicated page on the site.
Amazon UK link
Amazon US link
CreateSpace link
Goodreads page
YouTube review

edit: 28 March 2015 Facebook page
edit: 08 April 2015 Check the Amazon pages and Goodreads for reviews. Also, review posted on Hot Sauce Reviews. Thanks for all kind feedback privately and on the review sites. It really makes writing the thing worthwhile!

If you are a reviewer and you would like a free copy of the book, just let me know. So far, I’ve been giving out copies left, right and centre! Hopefully, this will result in some reviews and some feedback. If a copy of the book suddenly turned up at your house, courtesy of Amazon, it probably means that I thought you’d like it.

From the back of the book:

“Careful, John. Suddenly laughing in Tesco is breaking the rules…”

“The story was that some scientists in Edinburgh had carried out experiments on mice. When the scientists gave a large dose of insulin to the mice in their food, a number of the mice began to engage in same-sex sexual activity.”

“I might be giving out some gay vibes now, but until recently, I was a sexually interested heterosexual man…”

Gay to straight or straight to gay? Would you change your sexual orientation if you could? How does sexuality and sexual orientation actually work?

These are the questions facing a group of young people living in the North of England. Along the way, they confront issues of sexual role, family breakdown, social isolation and what’s going on in John’s fridge – you name it.

Genre: social issues/science fiction

138 pages. Self-published short novel. The book was published at the beginning of 2015.

From the eBay page:

I’ve put this in the General Fiction category, and I prefer to label it speculative fiction rather than science fiction as it concentrates on relationships and characters in an urban setting.

Although I’ve touched on concepts such as gender roles and sexuality, I’ve tried to make it a quick read. It’s only 33,000 words or so, and most people are finding that they can go through it in a weekend or during the spare moments in a week.

Linux User and Developer 117 and Micro Mart 1125

My main publishing announcements for this month are Linux User Developer 117 and Micro Mart 1125. Expect to see quite a lot from me in Linux User and Developer over the next couple of months. For now, issue 117 contains another four page step-by-step tutorial on the subject of self publishing a book using an excellent piece of software called LyX. LyX is the main “word processor” that I use for all my writing, and I seem to end up doing a feature on it every 18 months or so.

I also managed to get in a review of Oracle Linux 6.3. That was a tough one to rate as it’s practically a clone of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and it’s difficult to know how to rate it.

I also did a review of the Nikon L310 bridge camera for Micro Mart. I hadn’t done much work for them of late, and it was nice to get back in touch.

As for moving house… It is proceeding, but rather slowly. Being in limbo in this respect is impacting my ability to work, but I’ve still got some stuff in the pipeline. I’m still not sure if I’m going to Replay in Manchester this year. I’d like to, but it’s beginning to look like it could coincide with the moving date.

Self Publishing Review: The Darryl Sloan interview

The excellent site Self Publishing Review is now hosting my interview with self published author Darryl Sloan, a writer that I’ve been following for a couple of years. The article is entitled Chionophobia and Other Sticky Problems: The Darryl Sloan Interview. The focus of the interview is his current project, the post apocalyptic short novel Chion, but we get into all kinds of interesting stuff about both the author’s inspirations and views on life.

I only discovered SPR recently and I heartily recommend it to anyone with an interest in self publishing or writing in general. I’m gradually working through the articles on subjects such as using merchandise for personal brand building and putting a DIY book tour.

Tech Book 1 released

Price £4.49 inc postage, see dedicated page for information on worldwide pricing. ISBN 978-0-9560813-1-5

Yay! After a very long wait, the hard copy of Tech Book 1 is now available. To buy a copy or for more information, click go to the book page. Update: Now available as a free e-book download.

For a cheap and cheerful side-project, this project certainly began to spiral out of control. Although it has taken months rather than weeks to complete, the experience wasn’t wasted as I’ve learnt a great deal at every stage. Hopefully, Tech Book 2, which I have already begun to compile, will be a much easier release.

Tech book 1 update

A bit more Tech Book 1 news. Basically, it’s 90% finished and I’ve sent off for a proof copy. I’ve frozen the contents and anything that I write and retain the copyright on, from now on, will be added to Tech Book 2.

Tech Book 1 is a compilation of my published articles written in 2006, 2007 and the first half of 2008. It’s part vanity project, part promotional exercise and part self-publishing experiment. One of the downsides of being a freelancer is that it can be difficult to get the attention of commissioning editors. I’m hoping that a hard copy may work in situations in which email enquiries have proved ineffective. Continue reading

Tech Book 1: Print on demand book (it’s not the gender book)

At the moment I’m working on a little side project. It’s a not-for-profit, print-on-demand book that re-bundles some of my old technology articles. I plan to use the book as a promotional device for my skills as a writer. For that reason, I’m editing the the articles to bring them up to my current standard. The working title for the book is Tech Book 1. Although it’s turning out to be a time consuming job, it has also been a great learning experience. It should be finished and ready in a couple of weeks.

All of the content is available on the Internet (see links on side menu) but these are slightly updated versions.

Please note, I’ll add a bit of older gender politics material from my other site but this isn’t the Gender Equivalence book that I have been working on for the last two and a half years. Work on that book is still in progress. Apart from anything else, the new project will serve as a dry run for the GE book as might still be doing that as a self-published project.