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Book release: The Sexual Compass

The book is now available. It’s a self-published short novel that touches on some sexuality and gender issues that I’m interested in. In the story, a discovery is made that sexual orientation is determined by chemicals in the body, and a few people start playing around with it. I’m rolling out the promotion side of things bit by bit. When I have more feedback and reviews, I’ll give the book a dedicated page on the site.
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edit: 28 March 2015 Facebook page
edit: 08 April 2015 Check the Amazon pages and Goodreads for reviews. Also, review posted on Hot Sauce Reviews. Thanks for all kind feedback privately and on the review sites. It really makes writing the thing worthwhile!

If you are a reviewer and you would like a free copy of the book, just let me know. So far, I’ve been giving out copies left, right and centre! Hopefully, this will result in some reviews and some feedback. If a copy of the book suddenly turned up at your house, courtesy of Amazon, it probably means that I thought you’d like it.

From the back of the book:

“Careful, John. Suddenly laughing in Tesco is breaking the rules…”

“The story was that some scientists in Edinburgh had carried out experiments on mice. When the scientists gave a large dose of insulin to the mice in their food, a number of the mice began to engage in same-sex sexual activity.”

“I might be giving out some gay vibes now, but until recently, I was a sexually interested heterosexual man…”

Gay to straight or straight to gay? Would you change your sexual orientation if you could? How does sexuality and sexual orientation actually work?

These are the questions facing a group of young people living in the North of England. Along the way, they confront issues of sexual role, family breakdown, social isolation and what’s going on in John’s fridge – you name it.

Genre: social issues/science fiction

138 pages. Self-published short novel. The book was published at the beginning of 2015.

From the eBay page:

I’ve put this in the General Fiction category, and I prefer to label it speculative fiction rather than science fiction as it concentrates on relationships and characters in an urban setting.

Although I’ve touched on concepts such as gender roles and sexuality, I’ve tried to make it a quick read. It’s only 33,000 words or so, and most people are finding that they can go through it in a weekend or during the spare moments in a week.

Linux User and Developer 98: Productivity On Linux and other news

Issue 98 of Linux User and Developer (March 2011) features my four page article on productivity applications for Linux. It’s basically a collection of tips and application recommendations. There are more details about the issue as a whole on the LU&D website. There should be a distro review from me in next month’s issue, and hopefully, you’ll see more from in the mag in the future. [Update: Actually, Russel has posted up the review, of Tiny Core Linux, in advance. Update #2: The mag, issue 99 has now been released.]

Recently, I did another guest post on my other main writing interest, gender politics. This article appears on A Voice For Men, the website of Paul Elam. The article is called OMG – Our Gender Is Being Oppressed By Language!, and it’s an attack on a technique that is commonly used in text books. It’s a good one for people interested in language, gender politics and/or men’s rights. Continue reading

Men’s News Daily: UK General Election: A Men’s Rights Perspective

A little bit of party politics (shudder) and gender politics in this article I’ve just written for Men’s Newsgender_gen_elect2010_crop_resize Daily. I hope I didn’t make it too pro-Conservative as I’m not that big of a supporter. Maybe some positive comments (or constructive negative comments) will make me get on with the book.

Last week I finished off another article for a print magazine. I’ll let you know more when it’s closer to publication date.

Quite an amusing site that I keep an eye on these days is Cathy Relf’s subediting blog in its new location. One for fellow grammar nerds only though.

Men’s News Daily: Media Coverage of Female Sexual Tourism

I’ve just had an article published over on Men’s News Daily. It’s a great publication for people interested in gender politics and the growing men’s rights movement. Some of you will know that I have been working on a book on gender politics (see the gender equivalence subsite site for more info)for the past few years. It’s also the first time that I’ve written for a website rather than a print mag in over a year, and it’s a funny feeling to get back into the fast paced dynamic of web publishing. I hope that I’ll be working with MND a lot in the future.

[update: a bit of discussion about the article here on the antimisandry.com]

The subject  of the article is the rather unpleasant practice of rich middle aged women travelling to third world countries in order to have paid-for sex with young men. In case you’re wondering, yes, Haiti is a top destination for these women, or was until recently. The most infuriating aspect? Feminist writers have long condoned this in newspaper articles that spin things around so that the women are the victims in the situation.

Continue reading