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Micro Mart: 2009, year of the independent OS?

British weekly print magazine Micro Mart has accepted one of my operating system themed articles. The article is entitled “2009, Year of the independent OS?” and it should appear in the Thursday 15th of January issue. As the title suggests, the premise is that some of the less-known freely available OSes might achieve sufficient maturity to enter into relatively widespread use over the course of 2009. The operating systems that I evaluate are AROS, Syllable, Haiku, and ReactOS. It’s a three thousand word article, so I’ve been able to go into a quite a bit of detail on the relative approach and progress of each OS project.

If it sounds like your kind of thing, look out for it in the newsagents on Thursday 15th.

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Tech book 1 update

A bit more Tech Book 1 news. Basically, it’s 90% finished and I’ve sent off for a proof copy. I’ve frozen the contents and anything that I write and retain the copyright on, from now on, will be added to Tech Book 2.

Tech Book 1 is a compilation of my published articles written in 2006, 2007 and the first half of 2008. It’s part vanity project, part promotional exercise and part self-publishing experiment. One of the downsides of being a freelancer is that it can be difficult to get the attention of commissioning editors. I’m hoping that a hard copy may work in situations in which email enquiries have proved ineffective. Continue reading

Linux.com: Ten sticking points for new Ubuntu users

Linux.com have published my current article. I hope the community find it an enjoyable read. I never know how people are going to take articles like this one. I said in my RISC OS article, “I hold the opinion that if you are truly a fan of something, you can accept criticism of it. You don’t have to be loyal to something that is genuinely good.” I wonder where platforms like Amiga and OS/2 would be now if a few more people had complained?

From the article:
These problems span the entire Ubuntu experience but they all have two things in common: they are all solvable and they are all serious enough to evoke the dreaded, “I tried Linux but it didn’t work”.

Tech Book 1: Print on demand book (it’s not the gender book)

At the moment I’m working on a little side project. It’s a not-for-profit, print-on-demand book that re-bundles some of my old technology articles. I plan to use the book as a promotional device for my skills as a writer. For that reason, I’m editing the the articles to bring them up to my current standard. The working title for the book is Tech Book 1. Although it’s turning out to be a time consuming job, it has also been a great learning experience. It should be finished and ready in a couple of weeks.

All of the content is available on the Internet (see links on side menu) but these are slightly updated versions.

Please note, I’ll add a bit of older gender politics material from my other site but this isn’t the Gender Equivalence book that I have been working on for the last two and a half years. Work on that book is still in progress. Apart from anything else, the new project will serve as a dry run for the GE book as might still be doing that as a self-published project.

OS News: The Apple iPhone: I don’t really want one.

Breezy 1000 word article about the iPhone. I’ve sent it to OSNews.com and if they want it, I’ll add add it here as usual. [Published now. Click here to read it online]

Stylistically, it’s a bit of departure for me: short, conversational tone, and not very techy. To keep things streamlined, I forced myself to be brutal at the editing stage. It finished up at just over 1,500 words and I managed to cut it down to about 1,000. The result is closer to the type of writing style that you would see in a newspaper. I’ll leave it for the reader to judge whether or not I have gone too far and cut out too much.

In other news, I may have got a lead into some possible paying writing work. I’m going to spend the rest of this year pitching articles as a freelance I’ll let you know when something develops.

BTW, I’m afraid that I had to delete the comments to the previous posts as I got spammed. I have now installed a new comments system and you can comment with confidence once more.

OS News: LyX 1.5 review

I’ve created another tech article. The article is an overview of LyX, the text processor that I use for my of my writing. Hopefully, the article will be carried by OSNews.com soon. [Update click here to read it]

The article is about 3,500 words in length. I wrote it in a day and that represents something of a breakthrough for me. It’s not the most entertaining article ever written but the subject matter of a review doesn’t particularly lend itself to much humour or insight.

OS news: Article Retrospective

I have now had three articles published on osnews.com. See sidebar menu for the direct links.

Re-reading them, I’d say that the most recent one (“What It Would Take To Make Me Consider RISCOS Again”) is probably the poorest of the three. I think that the first one (“My Dream OS”) was probably the best one and the second one (“A Very Critical Look At OS Recreation Projects”) was probably the most insightful.

If you’re interested in this sort of writing, read on for some more retrospective analysis and some conclusions.

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OS News: RISC OS article

Before long, osnews.com will have published another one of my articles. When they post it on the site, I’ll link to it on the side menu as usual. The subject this time is the RISCOS operating system. It’s an OS that I have some emotional attachment to as the machine that I geeked my way through the middle part of my teens on was a RISC OS workstation. It’s also an OS with a fanatical set of followers so, let the flaming begin!

Finishing the article ended up being quite a lot of work; having just woken up, the next day, it is an effort to even write this news entry. In that spirit, I’m going to take the day off from doing any more writing and get out of the house instead. Time to do some Christmas shopping.

Crisis, really

Erk. It would seem that I may have been pipped to the post in my dream to create the first IT orientated sit-com. I haven’t seen a copy of The IT Crowd yet so, I don’t know how bad this is. If TIC is really similar to my own thingy, I may have to abandon the project entirely.

I’ll see what audience reaction to TIC is like and maybe try to get hold a copy before deciding whether to proceed with TUOL. The plan had been to rewrite the pilot to create a second draft. Amongst other changes in the second draft, I planned to make the script more plot orientated. I also came up with the brilliant idea of adding a female character to the main cast; you can perhaps picture me sighing when I saw the pictures and read the first accounts of TIC :-/

Serves me right for thinking ‘ah well, you’re 30 now (on 31 of Jan) what else can go wrong this week?’