The Elite Purity Test

Welcome to Version 1 (final) (11th July 2000) of the Elite Purity Test. Re-formatted and slightly updated using Lyx (LaTeX) in 2007 [and corrected again in August thanks to the keen eyes of the Commander of Frontier Astro] . 

There is also a (pintable) PDF version of this file with LaTeX source code. The source could be useful if you wanted to extract the questions for some reason.  Click here to go to the downloads section.  Use this address to link directly to the HTML version of the test (with no side menu etc).


Q What is Elite?

A Er, if you have to ask this you are probably in the wrong place but... Elite was an innovative space trading and combat game that was originally written for the BBC micro computer in 1984 by David Braben and Ian Bell. The game has since been ported to many different platforms. David Braben later continued the series, first with Frontier Elite 2 and then Frontier First Encounters.

Q What is a purity test?

A A ``purity test'' is series of questions that can be used to determine how closely a person adheres to a particular lifestyle or personality type. The questions in a purity test can usually be answered with a yes or no. At the end of the test, the number of affirmative answers are compared to the total number of questions to determine the overall score and the ``purity'' of the person being tested.


In this test, "Elite" usually refers to any version of Elite, Frontier: Elite 2 or Frontier: First Encounters.

If you cannot answer a question or you do not understand the question, this is the same as answering the question with a no (do not award yourself a point).

General Elite Questions

  1. Do you have at least one version of Elite installed on your machine right now?
  2. Do you own an original copy of Elite?
  3. Have you ever bough a ``redundant'' copy of Elite, just to add to your collection?
  4. Do you own original copies of more than two versions of Elite?
  5. Have you ever written notes for Elite on paper?
  6. Have you ever played Elite on an emulator?
  7. Have you ever entered into a discussion with another person about Elite IV ideas (on-line)?
  8. Have you ever entered into a discussion with another person about Elite IV ideas (IRL)?
  9. Have you ever given a newbie technical assistance in setting up their machine to run Elite?
  10. Have you read The Dark Wheel?
  11. Have you read Imprint?
  12. Have you ever converted another person over to playing Elite?
  13. If so, did it take over their life?
  14. Do you often try out other space sims in the vain hope of having an Elite style high?
  15. Have you ever left a machine running Elite for more than 24 hours?
  16. Are you Elite?
  17. Have you ever played ``Java-Elite''?
  18. Do you have a hated class of ship, which you attack on sight?
  19. Do you have an Elite ship identification chart on your wall?
  20. Are you Elite on more than one version of Elite or on more than one platform?
  21. Have you had a career in mining?
  22. Have you had a career in piracy?
  23. Do you follow the FEU fan fiction?
  24. Do you currently have more than one commander on the go?
  25. Have you played a heavily modified Elite such as Elite A on the Beeb or Russian Elite on the Spectrum?
  26. Have you completed all of the secret mission in a version of "classic" Elite.
  27. Have you played Elite on an 8bit machine (not emulated).
  28. Have you played Elite on a 16bit machine (not emulated).

Bell and Braben

  1. Do you know (without looking it up) the URL for Ian Bell's web site?
  2. Do you know (without looking it up) David Braben's email address?
  3. Do you know (without looking it up) the URL for Frontier Developments?
  4. Can you name two of Ian Bell's interests apart from programming?
  5. Have you ever personally emailed either DB or IB?
  6. Have you ever received an email from DB or IB?
  7. Have you met IB or DB IRL?
  8. Are you DB or IB?
  9. Do you have a picture of DB on you hard disk?
  10. Do you have a picture of IB on your hard disk?


  1. Have you posted to the Alt.Fan.Elite NG?
  2. Did the thread last more than 10 posts?
  3. Did the thread last more than 100 posts?
  4. Have you ever posted an Elite IV idea to the NG?
  5. Have you used the IRC channel?
  6. Are you familiar with the whole DB vs. IB thing?
  7. Do your email or NG messages contain a signature that includes an Elite reference?


  1. Are you making a (non programming) contribution to an Elite tribute project?
  2. Are you writing an Elite inspired game?
  3. Are you the author of a web site that contains a significant amount of Elite orientated content?
  4. Have you ever written any Elite fiction?
  5. Have you created any Elite inspired artwork?
  6. Have you ever created any Elite inspired music?
  7. Have you ever made a real life model of an Elite ship (card, paper, Lego, etc?)

Computer Setup

  1. Is your machine capable of running Elite?
  2. Have you ever bought a joystick (or other pointing device) just to play elite on?
  3. Have you ever made extra provisions on you hard disk just so that you can run a version of Elite (such as having a DOS only partition) or have you made extra provisions in any of your start-up files so that a version of Elite will run?
  4. Do you have Elite installed on more than one machine right now?
  5. Have you ever upgraded your machine to make an Elite series game run better?
  6. Do you have an Elite related backdrop/theme on your desktop?
  7. Is Elite on your Start Bar or other application launcher utility?
  8. Can you load Elite with just a hot key?
  9. Do you have more than two versions of Elite installed on your machine?
  10. More than four?
  11. Do you have more than five Elite related web sites in your bookmarks file?
  12. More than ten?
  13. Do you have an Elite folder on your HD for docs and pictures?

Frontier Specific (FE2 and FFE)

Frontier general

  1. Do you have FE2 or FFE installed?
  2. Do you have Frontier installed on more than one platform?
  3. Could you, off the top of your head, name four good trade routes in the Frontier universe?
  4. Did you buy FFE on release but persevered with it even though it crashed/was incompatible with your hardware?
  5. Have you played the plot through to the end in FFE?
  6. Have you ever asked for another 10%?
  7. Have you ever landed correctly on a landing pad, manually?
  8. Can you name all three Thargoid mission systems in FFE?
  9. Do you know what is wrong with Beta Lyrae?
  10. Have you ever hacked a ship?
  11. Have you ever been low on fuel in a damaged ship far from the Core Systems and thanked Braben for Frontier Outdoor Worlds?
  12. Have you ever photographed an enemy base?
  13. Have you ever had Military career?
  14. Did you ever go on "holiday" to Sol?
  15. Do you know what kind of star is Sirius B is?
  16. Have you ever owned a large plasma accelerator?
  17. Have you ever wondered which sex "Aggy Finn" is?
  18. Have you ever forgotten to buy atmospheric shielding?
  19. Have you ever forgotten to buy fuel?
  20. Have you ever wished you could do something with all that money you have once you have a decent ship?
  21. Have you ever bought slaves without a cargo bay to have them turned into fertilizer?
  22. Have you ever tried to fuel scoop from a star?
  23. Have you ever got your main thrusters damaged and flown from wormhole exit to (orbital) star port in reverse?
  24. Have you ever got your main thrusters damaged and flown from wormhole exit to (ground-based) star port in reverse?
  25. Have you ever tried to fly back through a wormhole exit?
  26. Have you owned every ship?
  27. Have you ever argued with someone as to which is the best ship?
  28. Do you have arguments about the relative benefits of the Empire and Federation?
  29. Have you ever killed someone by dumping cargo at them?

Frontier - Exploration & Experimentation

  1. Have you ever zoomed out to see if there was anything beyond the galaxy?
  2. Have you ever tried to find the centre of the galaxy?
  3. Have you ever successfully manually landed your ship on the surface of a planet (not landing pad)?
  4. Have you ever got every criminal offence possible, just because you can?
  5. Have you ever found every one of the plotted points on FE2 and gone round the galaxy map?
  6. Have you ever used the wormhole bug in FE2?
  7. Have you got a saved game with a geostationary orbit?
  8. Have you ever tried to land on Phobos?
  9. Have you ever got a Thargoid laser and had a really good go at trying to destroy one of those wee trading post stations?
  10. Have you ever flown into the ocean to see if you can survive under the water?
  11. Have you ever been chased by the Phantom Deadly-Accurate Armed Wormhole in Amiga FE2?
  12. Have you ever played for over a year (game time) without a re load?
  13. Have you ever played a long-term game, starting from Lave?
  14. Have you ever searched deep into the galactic map for inhabited systems?
  15. Have you ever tried to get to light speed?
  16. Have you ever made it to the northernmost, southernmost, easternmost or westernmost star system?
  17. Have you ever successfully landed on an asteroid?
  18. Have you spent more than 15 minutes trying to perfect an orbit?
  19. Have you ever tried to fly between star systems without a hyperdrive?

Real Life

School Days

  1. When at school/collage, did you ever do a project, the content of which was inspired by the Elite universe?
  2. Did you ever teach you mum to load the cassette version of Elite so that when you came home from dinner time you didn't have to wait for it to load ("Remember mother, 11:50 start the tape!")?
  3. Did you ever bunk off school to play Elite?
  4. Have you ever (illicitly) played Elite on a school/college computer?


  1. When walking from place to place, do you start to fantasise about Elite IV?
  2. Do often fantasise about the content of cut-scenes for Elite IV?
  3. Do you often fantasise about working at Frontier Developments or with Ian Bell?
  4. Have you ever considered buying a bread bin to be like the man himself?
  5. Could you draw a Cobra MK III free hand?
  6. Did you contribute to The Elite Purity Test?
  7. Do you feel a bit guilty when you play other space sims?
  8. Have you ever refused an opportunity for sex in favour of a game of Elite?
  9. Do you feel a bit guilty when you realise that you haven't played Elite in a while?
  10. Have you ever dreamt of Ian Bell or David Braben?
  11. Do you often "get in a quick game of Elite" before a film and end up missing the start of the film (or the whole film)?
  12. Have you ever been forced to end a relationship (or been dumped) because your partner couldn't understand your obsession with Elite?
  13. Have you ever been forced to end a relationship (or been dumped) because your partner couldn't understand your need to shout a "Right On Commander" during the crucial moment of intimacy?
  14. Have you ever set up the seating in front of your computer so it feels like you're sitting in the cockpit of your craft?
  15. Have you ever trained a "friend" to be your co - pilot ("Launch missile on my signal only!")?
  16. Do you always watch the introduction to FE2 and FFE all the way through every time you run the game?
  17. Do often wish that you could be transported into and live in the Elite universe?
  18. Do you prefer Elite to real life?
  19. Have you ever "borrowed" or bought a projection display just to play Elite?

Bonus Sections.

Pay a penalty of two points for each of the bonus sections you choose to attempt. Once you have subtracted two points from your overall score, you may attempt all of the questions in that particular bonus section. You may choose to attempt as many or as few of the bonus sections as you like. That's right - if you do really well in the rest of the test and in the bonus sections, you could score more than 100%

Acorn Archimedes Elite

  1. Have you ever lost your temper with the missionaries when they are trying to force you to repent and been forced to relieve them of their lives?
  2. Do you know who Rantan Pino was?
  3. Do you know who Zartid was was?
  4. Do you know who Zurid Pino was?
  5. Have you done the Arried - Diquer rally?
  6. Do you often defend traders who are being attacked?
  7. Have you completed all of the missions?

Elite A (BBC Micro)

  1. Do you have Elite A installed on you machine?
  2. Are you playing it on a real BBC Micro (not emulated)?
  3. Have you ever done a very long range (eg corner to corner) special delivery without cheating or docking?
  4. Have you survived Witchspace or an Anarchy system in an Adder?
  5. Have you flown (and survived) without lasers to save space?
  6. Have you ever shot at a Ghavial thinking it was an asteroid?


  1. Are you programming an Elite tribute game?
  2. Have you ever written an Elite utility (ship hacker etc)?
  3. Have you got the Elite BBC sources on your machine right now?
  4. Have you ever hacked an Elite save file?
  5. Have you ever hacked the program files or support files of an Elite game?
  6. Have you ever disassembled any of the Elite game code?
  7. Have you written a program that plots any of the Elite ships?
  8. Have you written an Elite style 3d starfield?
  9. Do you understand why Braben used 64bit ints in Frontier and FE2?

Calculating Your Score

Your final score is calculated with the following method:

Divide the total number of questions (137) by the number of questions you were able to answer yes to. Now multiply this result by 100. This gives the percentage of questions that you were able to answer yes to.

This is represented by the following formula:

Number of questions answered yes (including the questions in bonus sections) = Y

Final score=F

Total number of questions=T


So, for example, if you got a score of 58 and there were 137 you would perform the following calculation:

F=(58/118)*100=49 (rounded down)

Final score=49%

Remember, it is possible to score more then 100% if you excel at both the normal sections and bonus sections. Don't forget to subtract 2 from your score for each bonus section attempted.

Table of ratings

0-10% Harmless

This is a very poor score. You really need to get out less often. If you are in a relationship with a GF/BF/spouse right now, you should probably get out of it so that you have more free time to pursue the Elite life style.

10%-20% Mostly Harmless

This is also a poor score. Play more Elite. Spend more time on-line discussing Elite. Make sure Elite is installed at all times and ready to play.

20%-30% Poor

To obtain this score you have obviously invested a bit of your time in playing Elite. It indicates that you have made a good start in a career in Elite but you still have a long way to go.

30%-40% Competent

You could probably take a Cobra Mk III out of the hanger and take it out for spin without getting lost. You are obviously spending far too much time away from your computer and Elite.

40%-50% Average

You can probably play the game to a reasonable level and converse with other pilots about some of the more simplistic elements of the Elite universe. You probably invested some of your childhood time wisely and have a chance of decent future in Elite. If a fellow pilot had to go get some food or answer the phone, he could probably trust you with the controls for a few moments.

50%-60% Above Average

The is a respectable score. You probably have a few interests outside your computer but you know what matters in life - playing Elite. You can converse with other Elite commanders without embarrassing yourself too much and you would forfeit a night out if you had just started a new commander. You win most of your battles in space and always have a commander on the go.

60%-70% Dangerous

In a sane world, every school child would be able to achieve a score of this type. You are a good pilot and you have tried most of the different careers within Elite. When you are in a crowded room, you automatically look up if someone says a word such as "replete" or "meat". You have few interests outside the greatest series of games ever created and you start to become irritable if you have to go very long without playing it.

70%-80% Deadly

Like Elite but not as good.

80%-90% Elite

This is a very good score. You have been an Elite player for most of your life. You have other interests that compliment your love of Elite but you haven't wasted you life fostering personal relationships or building a career. Going outside, working and personal relationships are distractions that take you away from your machine and The Game. You have tried pretty much everything it is possible to do in an Elite game and it has paid off. Most people cross over to the other side of the street or duck into a shop if they see you coming because they know that you will start talking about Elite. You mentally divide the world into Elite players and None-Elite players and avoid the latter. You are very opinionated and well informed about every facet of Elite and DB would do well to bring you in as a technical consultant on the next Elite game. Your real life is rather empty but who cares when your Elite life is so rich?

90%-100% David Braben/Ian Bell

Admit it. You were hoping that this was a test sent by Galcop to find earth based people to abduct and place in the Elite universe, to be supplied with a ship, some fuel and some starting cash. You find it difficult differentiate between things that happen in (so called) real life and the Elite universe. The real world seems like the memory of a dream which becomes fainter every day for you. Your whole life style is streamlined to make sure that you have plenty of time to play Elite. The only meaningful conversations that you have are with other Elite pilots and the topic of conversation rarely strays from Elite. You (informally) follow a religion based on the worship of David Braben and Ian Bell. If they ever came to your house (your dream come true) they would be impressed with your mighty collection of Elite materials, your extensive knowledge of each of the games, your insightful suggestions for the sequels and your tireless devotion to Elite. Sir, I salute you.

List Of Contributors

Henry S



John Jordan

Matt Williams

Matt Dibb

Paul Roberts


Michael Reed

Kevin Prest


Ian Barwick

Simon Chalands