Disadvantaged young offenders given computer crime tips

For a bit of fun, I popped a spoof article onto the UK news satire site, The Spoof. I added it to the “magazine” section of the site as it’s not really a news piece. Click here to read it. [link updated and correct as of Nov 2011]

It’s not a paying gig, but as well as being a neat writing exercise, it’s a chance to get some comedy writing out in front of an audience. The standard of the contributions to that site is very high, but if my article gets a good reception, I might have a go at another one.

I hope that I’ve not made the mistake of making it too dry for a spoof news site, but that’s what satire is, a balance of seriousness with comedy. It’s also going to be a hard sell due to its length, but I think it’s worth it to properly spoof the genre while giving the ideas full expression.

I hope you enjoy the article.

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