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Linux Journal blog: KDE4: it hurt, but did it work?

My first post for the website of Linux Journal magazine is an op-ed about the initially rocky history of KDE4.


[update: It’s been posted around a bit on Redit, LXer, Raiden and Linux Today amongst others.]

[update #2: I’m not going to blog about every post that I make on the site now as it would quickly fill up the site and push other stories off the bottom. There is now a sidebar about my LJ posts. I’m my third month of working for them, and so far, everything’s going great.]

Expect to see about four posts from me each month for the site. It’s a bit of extra cash and a chance to work with a great team. I’m looking forward to having a platform to discuss Linux, and the magazine has a great community surrounding it. Check out the site if you’re not already familiar with the magazine. It reminds me of Micro Mart in a way because the content is fairly eclectic and the target group is more hobbyist and end-user orientated than the other Linux mags. This makes it a perfect fit for me, as I’m more of a desktop user than a corporate admin sort of guy.

I’m really looking forward to getting stuck into this new position. I might cobble together some sort of side bar keep people informed about my posts to the site.

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