Crisis, really

Erk. It would seem that I may have been pipped to the post in my dream to create the first IT orientated sit-com. I haven’t seen a copy of The IT Crowd yet so, I don’t know how bad this is. If TIC is really similar to my own thingy, I may have to abandon the project entirely.

I’ll see what audience reaction to TIC is like and maybe try to get hold a copy before deciding whether to proceed with TUOL. The plan had been to rewrite the pilot to create a second draft. Amongst other changes in the second draft, I planned to make the script more plot orientated. I also came up with the brilliant idea of adding a female character to the main cast; you can perhaps picture me sighing when I saw the pictures and read the first accounts of TIC :-/

Serves me right for thinking ‘ah well, you’re 30 now (on 31 of Jan) what else can go wrong this week?’

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