OS News: No open source OS/2

I’ve just finished another article for OS News. This one is entitled “I’m glad that IBM declined to release the OS/2 source”. I’m just calling things as I see them but I’m going to end up with a reputation as a miserable git with the OS News readership 😉 I’m just the doctor, I didn’t make the needle sharp. I’ll link to it on the side bar when it’s posted. [update click here to read it online]

I should have some more announcements about a couple of other completed writing assignments for Linux.com and Free Software Magazine. I’ve hit a bit of lull at the moment as I need to wait until some more of my finished assignments are live before I can start pitching again. Not to worry, I’ve got some other irons in the fire that should soon bear fruit, to mix a metaphor.

I’ve taken advantage of the extra time to concentrate on progressing the Gender Equivalence book. In addition, I’m toying with the idea of collating and extending some of my old articles into a rather geeky, self-published book. If nothing else, it would serve as a dry run for the proper book.

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