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This is an attempt to collect together links to some of my writing work. Download or buy my compilation book for updated versions of some of them. Go to the published articles category for some additional comments and get the book for the retrospective comments.

[update: As of 2011, this section is out of date.]

Linux Journal

In April 2010, I accepted a blogging post on the Linux Journal website. I do four posts a month. Go here to visit my profile page. See sidebar on main page for links to posts.

Linux User & Developer

LU&D is a British magazine that focuses on the more serious side of Linux.

| Unattended Ubuntu Installation |

Retro Gamer

Retro Gamer is a UK monthly print magazine. As the name implies, the focus is on vintage gaming.

| Retrospection: Acorn Archimedes | A Bluffer’s Guide to DOS Gaming | Superior Software |

Micro Mart

Micro Mart is a weekly UK computer mag. I do a combination of fairly long features and quicky product reviews for them. It’s only 2 pounds, and although I’m probably biased, I’d say that it’s a great mag with a wide variety of tech related articles.

| Year of the Independent OS? | Acorn Archimedes | Iomega Prestige | Resurrected Brands | Lyx 1.6 | Canon iP2600 | Ubuntu Studio and Linux music | Time For UK Linux? |

Men’s News Daily

MND is the only high profile daily men’s news site covering male rights issues. It rocks, basically.

UK General Election: A Men’s Rights Perspective | Media Coverage of Female Sexual Tourism |

Before its most recent format shift towards community driven content, paid professional writers to create short articles about various Linux issues. It was a great site, and in retrospect, I wish I’d done more for them before they switched over to unpaid content. Fortunately, they have retained the old site content if you link to it directly as I have done here.

| LyX 1.6 is ready for release | Ten sticking points for new Ubuntu users | Moving my mother to Linux |

OS News

OS News is a technology site for which I wrote feature articles for when I was getting started as a writer. It has a wonderful community and their criticism was very helpful when I was learning the ropes.

| No open source OS/2 | The iPhone: I Don’t Really Want One | Return Of The 8 Bits? | The Ndyio Nivo Ultra-Thin Client | LyX review | RISC OS | OS Re creation Projects | My Dream OS


Free Software Magazine: | DOSBox review | The Spoof: | Young offenders and IT | Self Publishing Review: | Darryl Sloan Interview |

Other writing: | Geek sitcom script | The book – “Gender Equivalence: Gender politics for the average geek”

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