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Men’s News Daily: UK General Election: A Men’s Rights Perspective

A little bit of party politics (shudder) and gender politics in this article I’ve just written for Men’s Newsgender_gen_elect2010_crop_resize Daily. I hope I didn’t make it too pro-Conservative as I’m not that big of a supporter. Maybe some positive comments (or constructive negative comments) will make me get on with the book.

Last week I finished off another article for a print magazine. I’ll let you know more when it’s closer to publication date.

Quite an amusing site that I keep an eye on these days is Cathy Relf’s subediting blog in its new location. One for fellow grammar nerds only though.

  1. Edward Carver
    May 11th, 2010 at 23:03 | #1

    Hi Mike. I enjoyed your article and have similar sentiments regarding feminism. My opinion is that these women (and men) that support gender empowerment for women are actually anti-social. The family unit typically consists of man and wife, and i’m sure the vast majority of successful people are children that are nurtured in this environment. When men are excluded from the picture, there is an unnatural situation, and consequences will occur. Once our cultures have seen enough of the pitiful consequences of feminism, the pendulum will swing the other way. Until then we watch the idiocy of it all, destroying the innocent children in the name of womens power.

    Thank god there is always nature that restores things to balance. I have much empathy for the silent men and children that have been scarred by these women.
    Shame on them, and may their short sighted struggle for power be short lived.

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